Investor Contact
Mike Smith, CFA
Vice President, Treasury, Corporate Development and Investor Relations

Media Contact
Angelica Spanos Deoudes
Senior Media Strategist


Contact the Board

You may communicate with the V2X Board of Directors via the Corporate Secretary by either writing using a sealed letter in a large envelope OR e-mailing using the addresses listed below:

V2X, Inc.
ATTN: Corporate Secretary
7901 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 700
McLean, Virginia 22102


Complaints regarding accounting, internal controls, auditing matters, or a director’s potential conflicts of interest will be referred to the Audit Committee.

Other concerns will be referred to and reviewed by the non-management directors and by appropriate personnel.

Junk mail, advertisements, resumes, spam and surveys will not be forwarded. Abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate materials will also not be forwarded.

You can report your concerns anonymously or confidentially.



Transfer Agent

Our transfer agent, Computershare, can help you with a variety of shareholder-related services concerning accounts for registered holders and other matters.  You can contact Computershare via the following methods:

Toll Free Telephone (US)
or 1.201.680.6578

Toll Free Telephone (Outside US)

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 43006
Providence, RI  02940-3006

Courier Delivery:


150 Royall St., Suite 101
Canton, MA  02021